The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt Experience comes to the beautiful city of Cape Town!

The Scavenger Experience brings competitive and hilarious “Amazing Race-style” adventures to Cape Town.  We deliver an entirely personalized and unique experience; our guests’ enjoyment is our greatest delight and highest priority.  We customize our unique Scavenger Experiences to suit a wide variety of clients and occasions from Corporate team-building and incentives, Bridal Showers and Bachelor parties to birthdays, Tour Groups, Family Days out and everything in between.

We’re the only company in South Africa to offer the bespoke Scavenger Experience that we do!  And our promise is that NO TWO ADVENTURES WILL EVER BE THE SAME which makes Scavengers come back year after year, for a Bigger, Better, Faster experience each time.

The tasks are carefully designed with INCLUSION in mind and we’re proud that every event involves an element of philanthropy.  There are no restrictions and all challenges are achievable – you can be young or old, an Olympic athlete or a professional couch potato, terrified of heights and spiders or useless at puzzles.  Everyone qualifies and no-one will feel frustrated or left out!

How It Works

In Brief :

  1. Select your chosen package and upon confirmation of your booking, you will be sent an email which contains the details of the Start location and all other necessary information.
  2. Pick an AWESOME Team Name, register your Team and choose a colour / theme to stick to.  (We can provide costumes, branded t-shirts, team names or even just creative ideas in order for you to make up your own!)
  3. The Teams arrive at the Start Line in amazing outfits / themes / costumes and have Team Photos taken.
  4. Each Team is given a Race Pack and instructions.
  5. The whistle blows and Teams races through Cape Town to collect photos and video clips of everything on the list of challenges. (You will bump into other Scavenger Hunt Teams all along the way.)
  6. You’ll LAUGH all day, collaborate and cavort with the general public, and make amazing new friends, all with a great sense of humour.
  7. Race to get to the Finish Line by the cut-off time and hand in any required items on the list.
  8. You’ll celebrate, drink, eat, laugh, be merry and share ridiculous stories of the outrageous adventures you had on the way. (Cash Bar available at the Finish Line.  Lunch / Supper can be provided by prior arrangement)
  9. And then you’ll hopefully tell all your friends and family and start planning your next Scavenger Hunt Experience adventure  ….